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Flame & Faucet Calgary

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Those in the Calgary area and the areas that surround it know that winters can be harsh. They know that having the best gas and plumbing services is imperative. Having an experienced service provider in this area has never been more important. Knowing that there is someone you can count on if you experience plumbing and heating issues can be very comforting.

Flame and Faucet can take care of repairing your furnace and, if it is beyond repair, they can install a new furnace in your home. Should you need your boiler repaired or a new one installed in your home, they can take care of that as well. They are going to be able to help you with all of the things that can help keep you and your family warm and cozy. Perhaps you're considering having a gas line installed that will allow you to have a barbeque grill or heat for your garage. They are the ones you can call and count on. If it's gas and plumbing related, it can be taken care of.

To keep the water in your home hot and ready to use, tankless water heaters are awesome. Flame and Faucet can repair your tankless water heater or install a new one if the situation calls for it. You and your family will be able to have all of the hot water you need when you need it.

Anytime you can get the gas and plumbing service you need during an emergency, it is always beneficial. Plumbing issues can arise at any time, especially in the harsh winter months. You never know when you are going to be in need of an experienced plumber, but Flame and Faucet is always ready to help you. Faucet and toilet repair and replacement are available when it's time to change them or when they drip or run continuously. Drain cleaning is also one of the many services you can count on to keep your drains flowing freely.

You may find that you'd like to renovate your bathroom. This is just another one of the experienced services available to you. You can have new hardware put in, new toilets, a tub and shower, whatever you need to create the bathroom that you've always wanted. Whatever you've dreamed of for your new bathroom can be a reality.

You'll find quality gas and plumbing service that is bonded and insured by an experienced journeyman and gasfitter. Competitive pricing is another benefit you can always count on. Stay warm and cozy in your home with all of the essential warmth and water you and your family need.

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